Recent Publications:

“When you hear of the divorce.” A poem in Zone 3, Fall 2018, Print.

“Boiled Sisters” a short story in Sonora Review, Fall 2018, Print.

“False Morels” a short story in Oxford American, 100th issue, Summer 2018, Print.

"This Mile," A Poem in Carolina Quarterly, online, Spring 2018, Online.

"The Deca-Life Crisis," a short story in the Masters Review, New Voices category, Spring 2018, Online.

“Natural Mama,” a short story in Stirring Lit, 2018, Online.

“For the Soup,” an essay in Carve Magazine: 2018, Print.

“Should I Draw the Mountain for You,” a poem in the Naugatuck River Review, 2017, Print.

 “Finished Chickadees,” an essay in The Pinch: 2016, Print.

 “Certain Robins,” a short story in Gulf Stream, 2016, print.

"The finisher Barn," A Short Story in Appalachian Heritage, Fall 2015. Print.

 “Deer Painted at Night,” an essay in Yemassee: 2016, Print.


Awards and Nominations:

Oxford American’s 2018 Debut Fiction Winner.

Accepted into Bread LoaF Environmental fiction Workshop, 2019.

Accepted into the Tin House Summer Workshop, 2017.

Recipient of The Pinch Literary Prize in Non-Fiction, 2016.

Finalist for the PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction, 2016.

Nominated for a Pushcart, 2013.